Featured Ingredient: Chromabright

In my never-ending quest to look for all the skin lightening ingredients out there, I recently stumbled upon an exciting new (well sort of) ingredient – Chromabright. There have been numerous studies done showing its effectiveness at suppressing the melanogenesis process, and I didn’t even notice until now!

Unlike many other studies done on skin lighteners, chromabright has been examined in vivo (on human skin not just in a test tube) and proved to be an effective skin brightening and skin lightening agent. It has a lot of unique qualities to it that seperate it from other ingredients I have featured thus far on my blog.

Chromabright is a synthetic peptide. Its scientific name is Dimethylmethoxy Chromanyl Palmitate. It inhibits tyrosinase activity (enzyme that controls the amount of pigmentation) very, very well.  Within 30 to 60 days of treatment (each skin type is different) all patients saw visible results. Overall lightening and brightening of skin tone, clarity, radiance were produced, as well a reduction in blotchiness and discolorations at 0.1% concentration.

Chromabright is very safe and stable in almost all conditions (it can be mixed with serums and such with no compromise to efficacy, it is THAT stable), and has an ultra gentle mechanism of action. What I find most fascinating about it that it has mild UV protection qualities. Moreso than just antioxidant properties, but actual photo protective effects on keratinocytes. Using chromabright alone has mild UV protective effects which to me is just amazing. Obviously you must still wear a proper sunscreen with sunscreen filters just to be safe, but chromabright can definitley suffice for those days where you are indoors and not directly exposed to sun light.

That alone is what interests me. There are ofcourse other reasons. Reading the study that I posted below this is HIGHLY recommended. Chromabright performs as well as every other lightening ingredient, including hydroquinone. It also is possibly the strongest tyrosinase inhibitor.

Interesting Articles/Studies to read:

New Molecule for Safe Skin Brightening <– highly recommended to read. Very interesting.

Dr. Larhrib Solid Solution: Chromabright <– graphs depicting the results of skin brightness and luminosity

CenterChem: ChromaBright

Recommended products that contain Chromabright:

Lipotec Chromabright MFF

Dr. Elaine’s Antioxidant Skin Lightener

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